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laurence yeoman
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About me ...


I am currently in training to become a Body and Movement educator/facilitator/therapist. It is the 3 year IBMT diploma course which involves study of: infant movement development, authentic movement, therapeutic presence, embodied anatomy and somatic psychology. I hope to complete this in July this year. Essay "My process of embodiment is here."

I am committed to working with people in a respectful, non-hierarchical and co-productive way.

I am a student member of ISMETA and I uphold their code of conduct and standards of practice. Link here.

I have come to truly appreciate an approach which involves giving myself my full attention before I move an inch. I am in the woods, standing still, my eyes are closed, I sense my chest rise and fall as I breathe, the sound of the birds, the wind passing through the trees, the noise of distant traffic. My feet are rooted to the earth. I have no thought, no idea of what will follow. I sense my body moving; my heart is opened. I am seen. I am a part of everything. I am nature,
I am movement. Authentic movement. My involvement in the 'moving outside from the inside' group started during the pandemic in 2020 and continues with weekly practice in a local arboretum.


In 2021 I undertook the the training to become a Dance of Awareness facilitator and I am now licensed to hold such events. Link here.

In 2016 I achieved a black belt in Ki Aikido after many years practice. Aikido means: “A way of life to find harmony with nature. It is an embodied practice which requires peaceful resolution in any conflict. Link here.

I am one of the founder members of barefoot dance in Exeter and have been involved with this group since it started in 2006. Link here.


In 1986 I completed a 2year post graduate diploma in Humanistic Psychology, Facilitator Styles.
Link here.
As part of this training I worked with Gabrielle Roth in 1985 and in many years that followed. She has been a real inspiration to me. Link here.


I trained as an English and Drama teacher and worked in schools for 3 years before working with people, young and old, in more informal settings in the community.

I had the pleasure and privilege to train and work with the Doggs Troupe, Ed Berman and the Interaction Trust. Link here.


Love to move and to dance and be in the moment.  back to
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